UMMOA Football Association

UMMOA now has a soccer (association football) team. We are not joking.

The Ambassador-at-Large of UMMOA has recently given the go ahead to create an UMMOA FA (Football Association). The person who is involved is a college student studying in the south of England. For a long time he has held an interest in micronations, and has showed interest in having his football team represent UMMOA.

The fellow has strong contacts with a football body that runs non-FIFA countries (like Monaco, Northern Cyprus, Tibet, Chechnya, Sealand, Greenland, and Padania, just to mention a few), and is confident the body would accept an UMMOA Football Association. We are hoping he can truly make it happen.

The UMMOA team has already begun on the logo and the kit design, and is busy filling out registration forms. A website (and a good one, we are told) shall be created shortly. The formal application for the NF-Board has also been made.

We imagine that if a FA or football association is created, it will become recognised just like many other organisations and nations through the Micronational Professional Registry, and formally accredited by UMMOA’s accreditation entity, the Fifth World Accreditation Agency.

To join the NF-Board’s 2008 VIVA World Cup would be a little too premature at the moment, and we have to still be accepted first. In any case, it would cost a bit to get the team to Lapland (Sweden), where the tournament will be held in July 2008, and so that too is a factor.

Our target for now is to be accepted, start playing a few friendly matches, so we can start planning towards a more realistic 2010 VIVA World Cup.


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