German police seize Pirate Party & Cesidian Root server

The news in a nutshell: the Bavarian police has taken a server that was running Top Level Domains (TLDs) and services for the German Pirate Party (Piratenpartei Deutschland) and the Cesidian Root (Radice Cesidiana).

Bavarian police searched the home of the spokesman for the German Pirate Party looking for an informant who leaked information about a Trojan the German government has used to eavesdrop on Skype conversations.

In addition, a server from another party member was seized.

Pirate Party Official Raided after Uncovering State Trojan

Bavarian Police Seeking Skype Trojan Informant

German Pirate Party raided

German cyberplods raid Pirate Party on Skype Trojan mole hunt


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