Geographer of UMMOA corrects time problem

Back in April 2008, the Geographer of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) had discovered a new islet whose existence the government was not aware of previously. The islet appeared to be south of Serranilla Bank, and due to the manner in which it was discovered, it was given the name of Yahoo Islet.

Today the Geographer of the UMMOA discovered that most websites give erroneous time data regarding some islands/atolls of UMMOA. Unfortunately the erroneous websites are fairly authoritative, so nobody would normally think the data could be possibly erroneous. Making the errors even more difficult to detect, the islands/atolls of UMMOA have no natural inhabitants, few temporary visitors, so outside of the UMMOA itself there is very little incentive to keep flawless data.

Inaccuracies were found with five of the islands/atolls, out of eleven, and corrections were made on the UMMOA website to ensure accurate data at least there. The data is now available at this web page:

Moreover, tomorrow a separate third-level, specialised domain will begin to work which will provide dynamic data about the entire nation at


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