Who would have thought?

In a previous post at the Open Micronational Forum, I think I provided fairly graphic evidence that the Fifth World is a real world, but the evidence is getting stronger day-by-day.

Who would have thought that the 14 Commandments would lead, one day, to a new field of law, Cesidian law?

Who would have thought that the Cesidian calendar would lead to a brand new kind of astrology, Bucksfanian astrology?

Who would have thought that the combination of the above, and Hinduist Chakra Models, would lead to the beginnings of a new field, which today is called Cesidian Salubriology?

Who would have even guessed that after starting the first micronational top-level domain (TLD), I would actually be forced, only a few years later, to start the Cesidian Root, and today one of the few stable roots out there besides the ICANN/IANA root?

Who would have thought that new ideas about race would have come, the Indigo race, and now this idea are so susceptible to doubt that it is actually finding justification in the work of geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza?

Finally, who would have thought that the Fifth World, in so little time, would become so complex that now you can teach a child the English alphabet with its essence?


In essence, who would have thought that the Fifth World would materialise before our very eyes?


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