Cyberterra adopts terrestrial coordinates

The City of Cyberterra was already:

  1. The virtual capital of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA).
  2. The location where the Meridian of Cyberterra passes, which corrisponds to the UTC+1 time zone, which corrisponds to the longitude of 15° East (the city of Biel in Switzerland, longitudine 7°15′ East, which adopted the UTC+1 time zone, is not located physically at longitudine 15° East, where the UTC+1 meridian is exactly located; since Cyberterra is a virtual city, however, not only it is better suited for an Internet Time, but it can adopt any longitude by convention, even no longitude).
  3. Is the episcopal see of the Bishop of Cyberterra, who is also the Primate of the Cesidian Church.
  4. Is the first Cesidian law jurisdiction.

On 3 January 2010, the Mayor of Cyberterra has established the terrestrial coordinates of Cyberterra by convention, and the geo coordinates shall be 43°0’0″ North and 15°0’0″ East. This corresponds to this point in the Adriatic Sea:


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