UMMOA Pacific islands dodge a tsunami bullet

Blaring tsunami warning sirens woke up Pacific island residents on the early morning of 28 February 2010, resulting in mass evacuations; however, most warnings were later cancelled.

Hawaii had surges as high as two metres, but there have been no reports of widespread damage.

The United States’ Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (Ewa Beach, HI) cancelled its tsunami warning for most Pacific countries except Japan and Russia.

Gerard Fryer, a geophysicist for the NOAA center, said that the island chain of Hawaii had “dodged a bullet” after smaller-than-expected waves were reported. Coast Guard crews said they had found no significant damage to ports or waterways as a result of the tsunami.

The center also canceled warnings issued for Jarvis Island, Palmyra Atoll, Midway Atoll, Wake Island, and Howland-Baker islands.


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