Cyberterra issues first municipal ID cards of the micronational community

World's First Micronational Municipal ID Card

It doesn’t happen everyday even in the Official World.

The very first municipal identification card issued in the United States was the Elm City Resident Card, issued in New Haven, Connecticut. The card was first issued only in July 2007.

Two days after the card was unveiled in 2007, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested 32 illegal immigrants in the city, the very people the card was supposed to protect.

The city of San Francisco also announced municipal ID cards after the city of New Haven. New York City, however, canceled a plan to issue driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants after strong opposition.

On 7 March 2010, after a period of contemplation and design, the world’s first municipal ID cards for a micronational city were issued by the City of Cyberterra. This time, however, nobody is going to get busted, and in fact, the Mayor of Cyberterra is going to thumb his nose even at Montevideo Convention extremists in the micronational community, who believe ID cards or passports should be issued only by territorial micronations, even though virtually all of these entities cannot claim sovereign or exclusive control of their territory.

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