5WC expands to new continent

On 9 July 2011, the Fifth World Community (5WC), the world’s first diaxenospitia, expanded to a new continent.

Before this date, the 5WC was made up of buildings in New York State, South Carolina, Iowa, and the country of Belize. This means that while the “town hall” of the 5WC was located on Long Island, the diaxenospitia already extended to North and Central America.

Well, on 9 July 2011 the Palazzo dei Poeti (Mansion of Poets) was incorporated in the 5WC, a building located in the Apulia region of Italy, so now the Fifth World Community includes buildings in North America, Central America, and Europe.

If you wish to turn your building or property into a Cesidian law jurisdiction, and join the Fifth World Community (5WC), please contact the Mayor through the 5wc contact page.

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