Eesha Independence Proclamation

The Royal Kingdom of Eesha, which has a population of over 280 nationals, in January 2011 was incorporated into the Nation of Amandium.

Well HRH Lord Sir Rajasethuramavarna on 10 July 2011 has issued a “Independence Proclamation of the Royal Kingdom of Eesha”, in which he declares the complete state of independence of the Royal Kingdom of Eesha from the Nation of Amandium and its government:

Lord Sir Rajasethuramavarna words to HRH Amando I:

I am grateful for all the recognition and respects I got from you as Nation and Emperor and I wish to inform I am declaring independence for the Royal Kingdom of Eesha, since it completes its Foundation Day on Sept. 23, and [i]n this context I am sending here with a letter regarding the proclamation of independence from the Nation of Amandium, Sir.

Kindly acknowledge the letter and help us to become a[n] independent sovereign nation, Sir.

Recently the Royal Kingdom of Eesha has petitioned for membership in the UMMOA Community of Nations (um-con), and if HRH Amando I acknowledges Eesha’s independence, it might just get what it wants, besides independence from the Nation of Amandium, another UMMOA Community of Nations member.

We hope that both nations will grow in status, sovereignty, and good will.

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