UMMOA expanding to a new archipelago

The United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) started the year with a big bang.

For starters, the Principality of Aloha (Italian: Principato di Aloha; Interlingua: Principato de Aloha) was made a member of the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR), and it also became the UMMOA’s 14th member nation! Fourteen is a sacred number to Cesidians.

The news gets more interesting. Mahealani Ventura (aka Mahealani Ventura-Oliver), Princess of Aloha, after becoming a MPR professional, also became an UMMOA National on 3 January 2011, the UMMOA’s 50th National.

The UMMOA currently has five Ambassadors in good standing: an Ambassador to Italy; one to the US (Texas); one to France; one to India; and one to Turkey. Princess Mahealani will soon become our sixth Ambassador! She will be representing the UMMOA in the archipelago of ko Hawaii pae aina (the Hawaiian Islands), in Canada, in Alaska, in the Pacific North, and in the Pacific Basin.

Mahealani Ventura’s work thus far promises that she will be a great, if not an outstanding UMMOA Ambassador. She is a proactive participant in local politics and international venues for Maoli patent, human and civil rights. She initiated the only royal patent and insurance claims registry for the Maoli, and organised hui networks that promoted patent, law and financial literacy for Maoli and non Maoli in 2008. She is currently chairing a Human Rights Task Force and Ad Hoc Commission focused on the settlment of Human Rights Violations committed against the Maoli and others in ko Hawaii pae aina.

Mahealani Ventura is acting President of Ka paepae loa o Hawaii loa (the Hawaiiloa Foundation, a Native Hawaiian group with ownership rights to Crown land); President of the Hui o Kamaauwai (the native water board); and is Historian/Chair of the Ko Hawaii Pae Aina Ad Hoc Conciliation Commission (AHCC), a civil society organisation (CSO) registered with the United Nations (UN) Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). Her profound knowledge of Hawaiian language, law, culture and dance, make Mahealani a human repository of cultural, traditional and customary knowledge.

In the near future, and with the assistance of Mahealani’s staff, the UMMOA will establish a Regional Office suitable for multiple parties/organisations. This does not exclude actual space for an UMMOA embassy/consulate on Crown land, which is a part of the royal patented estates of the Principality of Aloha.

We also hope to work with the bright people on Mahealani’s staff in order to bring the Principality of Aloha, and possibly other organisations and nations, to sign the three treaties I have authored or co-authored — the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Treaty (GPGPT), the Multi-Oceanic Garbage Patch (MOGPT), and the Space Debris Treaty (SDT) — and we also plan to work with the Principality in order to start the actual physical clean-up of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP), i.e. the gyre(s) of the Pacific Ocean.

Of course, we are interested also in developing a new TLD in the Cesidian Root for the Principality of Aloha. Mahalo (Thank you).

Mahealani Ventura’s Videos

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