Eesha Independence Proclamation

The Royal Kingdom of Eesha, which has a population of over 280 nationals, in January 2011 was incorporated into the Nation of Amandium.

Well HRH Lord Sir Rajasethuramavarna on 10 July 2011 has issued a “Independence Proclamation of the Royal Kingdom of Eesha”, in which he declares the complete state of independence of the Royal Kingdom of Eesha from the Nation of Amandium and its government:

Lord Sir Rajasethuramavarna words to HRH Amando I:

I am grateful for all the recognition and respects I got from you as Nation and Emperor and I wish to inform I am declaring independence for the Royal Kingdom of Eesha, since it completes its Foundation Day on Sept. 23, and [i]n this context I am sending here with a letter regarding the proclamation of independence from the Nation of Amandium, Sir.

Kindly acknowledge the letter and help us to become a[n] independent sovereign nation, Sir.

Recently the Royal Kingdom of Eesha has petitioned for membership in the UMMOA Community of Nations (um-con), and if HRH Amando I acknowledges Eesha’s independence, it might just get what it wants, besides independence from the Nation of Amandium, another UMMOA Community of Nations member.

We hope that both nations will grow in status, sovereignty, and good will.


UMMOA top-level domain organisation

The domain hack which stands for my name…

will be a portal to all Ummoagian, Fifth Worldish, and micronational things.

The following organisations, which act exclusively, or in part, as international organisations, or have evolved into strong international organisations, will all have a .io domain, which shall officially stand for “international organisation”: (HMRD Cesidio Tallini) (The Tallini Family) (Cesidian Root) (the UMMOA) (Micronational Professional Registry) (Fifth World Health Organisation) (Fifth World Accreditation Agency)

The website with the official Cyberterra Mean Time will also have the domain of an international organisation:

The .org domain will stand for UMMOA national and earth-based organisations, unless they become strong international organisations: (Girlpeace) (Fifth World Community) (Great Pacific Garbage Patch Treaty)

The .ch domain will stand for UMMOA national churches: (Cesidian Church)

The .net domain will stand for UMMOA national and sea- and/or Internet-based organisations, unless they become strong international organisations: (City of Cyberterra)

The .ac domain will stand for UMMOA national academic institutions: (Saint René Descartes University)

Beyond the Pythagorean Theorem

For the Pythagoreans, the tetractys (from the ancient Greek τετρακτύς) represented the arithmetic sequence of the first four natural numbers (or more precisely, the positive integers), a quartet that geometrically could be presented in the form of an equilateral triangle of side four in measurement, to form a pyramid which summarizes the fundamental relationship between the first four digits and the decade: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10.

*      *
*      *      *
*      *      *      *

The school of Pythagoras not only was called Tetractys, but his followers also gave oaths on the tetractys.

In this context, the number 1 represents a point, and in the case of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) it also represents the city of Cyberterra. The number 1 also represents the fundamental unity, the wholeness, the completeness, the Fire element.

The 2 represented for two points, a line segment, and in the case of the UMMOA it also represents your connection to Cesidian Root through your ISP. The number 2 also represents duality, complementary opposites, the feminine and the masculine (it’s the first true female number), the Air element.

The 3 represented three points, a triangle, and in the case of the UMMOA it also represents triangles of islands such as Navassa Island-Bajo Nuevo Bank-Serranilla Bank, or the Palmyra Atoll-Jarvis Island-Baker Island. The number 3 also represents a measure of space and time, the dynamics of life (this is the first true male number), the creation, the Water element.

The 4 represented four points, a tetrahedron (the simplest regular polyhedron with four faces), and in the case of the UMMOA it represents the State in three dimensions, its islands scattered all over the whole earth. The number 4 also represents the material element, the structural elements, the Earth element.

So far a kind of pyramid is formed which summarises the fundamental relationship between the first four digits and the decade: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10. The number 10 mathematically is a triangular number, and that was the essence of the simplest Pythagorean tetractys, one that represented the entire material universe.

When one complicates the simplest tetractys though, when you add up a fifth digit, an interesting thing happens: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15, and in fact there are 15 UMMOA members now!

*      *
*      *      *
*      *      *      *
*      *      *      *      *

The number 15 mathematically is a triangular number as well. Before the 15th component the UMMOA had 14 components, and the number 14 mathematically is a square pyramidal number.

The number 5 represents the five points, a hyperpyramid, which is also called 5-cell, 4-simplex, or pentachoron by mathematicians, and it is a simple regular polychoron, and a natural extension of the triangle (two-dimensional) and the tetrahedron (three-dimensional) in the fourth dimension. In the case of the UMMOA it indicates that the State, in fact, goes beyond three dimensions, and also includes a fourth dimension. Number 5 (2 + 3) according to the Pythagoreans represented the union of the female (2) and male (3), ie marriage, but it also represents the non-material, metaphysical dimension, the dynamics of spiritual life, ie the Idea (ίδέα), the quintessence, the Hieron (ίερόν) or “Divine Thing” element.

In short, the UMMOA is more than a mathematical point in the middle of the Adriatic Sea; is more than a special Internet connection; is more than many triangles of islands in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea; and it is even more than numerous islands scattered on the whole earth. The UMMOA also contains a non-material dimension, a spiritual dimension.

In short, the UMMOA goes beyond the Pythagorean theorem, but not necessarily beyond the thinking of Pythagoras himself, who made use of mathematics for spiritual development, something which in fact distinguishes the Pythagorean tradition from all the other great traditions.

UMMOA Governor claims piece of the GPGP

On 7 January 2010, the Governor of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) claimed a piece of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP).

The Governor plans to attract many nations and micronations to a treaty, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Treaty (GPGPT), in order to make everyone aware that UN states and the UN have claimed the Earth all for themselves, but none of these takes responsibility for that which was not originally part of the Earth, and which clearly doesn’t belong on the Earth either.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP), also described as the Pacific Trash Vortex, is a gyre of marine litter in the central North Pacific Ocean.

The patch extends over an indeterminate area, with estimates ranging very widely, depending on the degree of plastic concentration used to define the affected area.

However, one thing is certain about the GPGP: the Powers that Be (TPTB) only exert power over the Earth, but have relinquished all responsibility over global pollution.

The Governor of the UMMOA hopes to attract a significant number of claimants to the GPGP, and then wishes to bring these claims to the United Nations.

First legal declaration of micronational citizenship

With sophisticated use of Italian law, on 27 November 2010 the HMRD Cesidio Tallini wrote a “Declaration in lieu of Certification of Citizenship” that actually certifies his UMMOA citizenship in Italian, and in a perfectly legal way under Italian law.

Never before has the leader of an unrecognised state succeeded in applying the declarative theory of statehood to the outright declaration of his own alternative citizenship, and in a fully legal way.

Never before has the leader of an unrecognised state issued a declaration of alternative to Official World citizenship having the full force of law in a sovereign state, and prior to the recognition of the unrecognised state itself.


Is There Anybody Out There?

The words “Is There Anybody Out There?”, are part of the lyrics of the largely instrumental song from the Pink Floyd album The Wall. One may think that nobody is out there on the islands of the UMMOA, but that is not entirely true.

The Mayor of Cyberterra has established the domain’s terrestrial coordinates by convention at 43°0’0″ North and 15°0’0″ East, a mathematical point in the middle of the Adriatic Sea, and literally in the middle of nowhere. While ships frequently pass by near Cyberterra, we are certain that the Germans Agnes Fakesch and Christian Kapik visited Cyberterra on 15 May 2007. For these reasons, Cyberterra is a cybernetic realm, not a virtual realm. You cannot physically visit a virtual realm, but you can visit a cybernetic one.

Although Navassa Island is uninhabited, transient Haitian fishermen and others have been known to camp on the island.

Serranilla Bank’s Yahoo Islet, aka Beacon Cay, the largest islet in the Bank, is overbuilt with small military facilities that house a small rotating garrison of Colombian naval personnel. There is a lighthouse on a coral ledge in the southwest approach to the bank. The lighthouse was first erected in 1982, and was reconstructed in May 2008 by the Colombian Ministry of Defence. It is currently maintained by the Colombian Navy despite US constitutional claims under the provisions of the Guano Islands Act (persons born on Serranilla Bank to non-citizens are considered by the United States to be US nationals, but not US citizens). Colombia also claims Bajo Nuevo Bank as part of the department of San Andrés and Providencia, and naval patrols in the area are carried out by the San Andrés fleet.

The US Coast Guard visits Jarvis Island annually only to make sure everything is okay. Same situation applies to Baker Island and Howland Island.

Limited visits to the Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge are allowed, including those by private recreational sailboat or motorboat. Visits must have prior approval however, with access to Tallini Island (aka Cooper Island) arranged through the Nature Conservancy.

Kingman Reef is wetted or awash most of the times, and it is uninhabited. Amateur radio operators from around the world have occasionally visited the reef to put it “on the air” through DX-peditions.

On Midway Atoll, the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) employs about 6 staff personnel, and has about 10 to 12 volunteers stay for 3 to 4 month stints throughout the year. Also, the USFWS has brought out a contractor to operate the facilities at Midway. This company is the Chugach Alaska Corporation, and it is a Native American corporation based out of Anchorage, Alaska. Additionally, Midway has 4 airport/fireman contract workers, and one Port Authority (PA) worker.

The facilities on Wake Island are also managed by the civilian Chugach Alaska Corporation. The 611th Air Support Group consists of two squadrons that provide surveillance radars, airfields, communications, and worldwide-ready Eleventh Air Force (EAF) warriors for homeland defense, decisive force projection, and aerospace command and control in Alaska. We found out recently that on 1 October 2010, the 611th Air Support Group is adding eight tropical locations in the Pacific to the list of sites it already manages around Alaska, and two of the locations will be Wake Island and Johnston Atoll (apparently 1,200 US military and civilian contractor personnel are stationed on Johnston Atoll).

When one thinks that some UMMOA islands are only inhabited by military personnel from not one, but two countries, only on official tour of duty, and/or inhabited by temporary civilian contractors, most of them not even American nationals or citizens; that some UMMOA islands are only visited about once a year, or even less frequently; that two people visited an UMMOA quasi-island and/or cybernetic realm, and thus had no terra firma to actually land on; and that according to some sources, ETs and Terrestrials have met on Johnston Atoll’s remote Kita Island (aka Akau Island) in November 2009, so even some ‘non-humans’ may have temporarily visited the UMMOA; then it is clear that only a few can claim to possess real UMMOA citizenship, and the few who possess real UMMOA citizenship are the ones that live every day on the UMMOA through their minds, and through their service, but also the ones who maintain, or help maintain, the UMMOA’s .um top-level domain (TLD) every day are clearly UMMOA citizens, and you cannot rationally take it away from them — not even I can’t! — because they can provide Proof of UMMOA Citizenship that is sufficient in any court of law. Everybody else is either a US or Columbian soldier; a Haitian fisherman; a transient worker employed by a Native American corporation, and who may be a Thai citizen; or even an Extraterrestrial. All of these people are clearly non-UMMOA citizens.

Is there anybody out there? Sure there is, and he/she is an Ummoagian, even though he/she never set foot on any UMMOA soil! Everybody else is really just in transit; everybody else simply doesn’t belong to the place, and may even have come from Outer Space!

Ummoagians are not people from a place (past), but people going to a place (future).

Treaty signed between the UMMOA and O.S.J. Malta

On 6 September 2010, a bilateral treaty was signed between the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) and the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem — Knights of Malta.

With the Treaty, the UMMOA and O.S.J. Malta are committed to constantly stay in touch, and keep each other informed; to support the other party if the security or other vital interests are threatened; and if necessary, to hold joint press releases with the media.

The two states are also determined to stay together in order to become an active instrument of peace, in order to preserve the values, including religious values, which are essential for human salvation.