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First legal declaration of micronational citizenship

With sophisticated use of Italian law, on 27 November 2010 the HMRD Cesidio Tallini wrote a “Declaration in lieu of Certification of Citizenship” that actually certifies his UMMOA citizenship in Italian, and in a perfectly legal way under Italian law.

Never before has the leader of an unrecognised state succeeded in applying the declarative theory of statehood to the outright declaration of his own alternative citizenship, and in a fully legal way.

Never before has the leader of an unrecognised state issued a declaration of alternative to Official World citizenship having the full force of law in a sovereign state, and prior to the recognition of the unrecognised state itself.



Cyberterra issues first municipal ID cards of the micronational community

World's First Micronational Municipal ID Card

It doesn’t happen everyday even in the Official World.

The very first municipal identification card issued in the United States was the Elm City Resident Card, issued in New Haven, Connecticut. The card was first issued only in July 2007.

Two days after the card was unveiled in 2007, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested 32 illegal immigrants in the city, the very people the card was supposed to protect.

The city of San Francisco also announced municipal ID cards after the city of New Haven. New York City, however, canceled a plan to issue driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants after strong opposition.

On 7 March 2010, after a period of contemplation and design, the world’s first municipal ID cards for a micronational city were issued by the City of Cyberterra. This time, however, nobody is going to get busted, and in fact, the Mayor of Cyberterra is going to thumb his nose even at Montevideo Convention extremists in the micronational community, who believe ID cards or passports should be issued only by territorial micronations, even though virtually all of these entities cannot claim sovereign or exclusive control of their territory.

Special Request to All Nations

The Governor of Independent Long Island (ILI), who is now also acting as the Governor of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA), is working with a sophisticated art studio in order to design the first ILI and UMMOA passports.

The passports will be the sole property of the ILI and UMMOA governments respectively. It shall be illegal to for anyone but the bearer to use the passports, and alterations or mutilations could make the passports invalid. The passports shall be printed in compliance with highest international standards possible; they shall be issued without purpose of deceit or profit; and all precautions shall be taken to ensure the validity of the bearer’s identification data. The bearer of the passport shall be solely responsible for any consequences derived from the use of the ILI and UMMOA passports as an identification document.

The purpose of both the ILI and UMMOA passport in the Official World, i.e. the First, Second, and Third Worlds, is to allow conventional government officers to permit nationals of ILI or UMMOA, “to pass without delay or hindrance and in the case of need to give all lawful aid and protection.”

The purpose of both the ILI and UMMOA passport in the unofficial Fourth and Fifth Worlds is less certain, and still under examination.

Both ILI and UMMOA are members of the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR), Live Nations (LN), and the Commonwealth Nations Research Society (CNRS). It would be nice if other MPR, LN, and/or CNRS nations would step forward to legally recognise the ILI and UMMOA passports, even though this is not a requirement to their membership in those organisations.

ILI is also a member of the Middlebury Institute (Registry of North American Separatist Organizations), while UMMOA thus far hasn’t made the Registry. It would be nice if something could be done in an official manner by the Middlebury Institute. Perhaps the Middlebury Institute could encourage other organisations to recognise the passport(s), and who knows, this could actually start something new and beneficial to the whole secessionist movement.

At one time the virtual ancestor of both the territorial ILI and UMMOA, the still alive TTF-Bucksfan, was informally recognised as a micronation by the Government of the Principality of Sealand. Since then, not much else has happened, even though TTF-Bucksfan produced other prodigies in national and territorial form. It would be nice if the said Government would legally recognise and accept the passports of ILI and UMMOA at least for the tourist purposes of officially visiting Sealand.

At one time the virtual ancestor of both the territorial ILI and UMMOA, the still alive TTF-Bucksfan, was fully recognised by the Kingdom of Pictland-in-Exile. Since then, not much else has happened, even though the Governor of both ILI and UMMOA has continued to support that nation in every way he could. It would be nice if the said Government would also legally recognise and accept the passports of ILI and UMMOA.

Of course, since these passports are to be authentic legal ID documents besides travel documents, perhaps various nations, micronations, institutions, and/or organisations can present ideas or proposals on how to further make the ILI and UMMOA passports useful in other ways. Things like discounts, special privileges, and special tours for passport bearers come to mind, but the Governor is of course open to other ideas as well.

All nations and micronations that wish to participate will receive a PDF copy of the first four pages and covers of the Governor’s own passport(s) for the purpose of easy recognition. The Governor of ILI and UMMOA also pledges to reciprocate with legal recognition of the other nations’ passports, with other possible incentives/privileges to passport holders if possible, whether the nation already has a passport and passport-issuing bureau, or not.

Of course, the Governor of ILI and UMMOA is also open to the development of a Special Convention with all other interested territorial nations and micronations, for the specific purpose of speeding the way towards the legal recognition of any passport issued by a recognised territorial entity without the formal status of a state, and he is also willing to work with other international governmental organisations for accords with ILI and UMMOA, but also for possible inter-international organisation accords with the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) and Live Nations (LN).

Interested parties may contact the Governor either through the Independent Long Island (ILI) or the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA) websites.